Thursday, October 4, 2012

Enjoying the Beautiful Autumn colors

My roommate Allison and I decided to drive through one of the many canyons up here to enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.
We decided to head up towards Park City, we ended up going through Emigration Canyon, but didn't quite end up in Park City.
Allison and me.
Aren't the colors absolutely beautiful.
Allison goofing off.
And me acting silly as always.
This is for my sister Libby.
One thing that I have to give northern Utah is that it has wonderful, beautiful autumn weather. Plus the colors are absolutely gorgeous.
As for me, I'm getting out, trying to meet new people, and just living life.

For other news, I have recently discovered Pinterest, thanks to my sister, and I am now addicted to the awesome show Doctor Who, and I am in love with David Tennant!


Anisa said...

Autumn in salt lake is my favorite! There are sooo many fun places to go... corn mazes, pumpkin patches, the witches at gardner village, etc. It's the winter that sucks:( Enjoy fall while you can!

that girl who pretends to suck spaghetti... said...

Finally, you blogged! Ahh - autumn in the great Salt Lake area is pretty. Thanks for posting, and I want to keep seeing all the fun things you are doing up in the big city. :)

P.S. Will you please remove that stupid word verification!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love autumn! One of the few things I actually like about Indiana because autumn here is so pretty with nice crisp weather and lots of apples and pumpkins. That's about all I need to be happy this time of year. Glad to hear you're getting out and enjoying big city life! Still not tempted by Pinterest.