Sunday, August 19, 2012

You are now talking to the Big City Girl

Yes it is official, that I am now living in the big city of Salt Lake. I moved in with my friend Allison, we were roommates at SUU. Anyway I moved up at the end of last month and am now finally settled in.
My dad helped me move up my big stuff a few weeks before I officially moved in. If this doesn't make my family a bunch of red necks I don't know what does ;)
Here's my bedroom set. My room still needs some work, but that's going to be a gradual process.
This bookcase is built in. Isn't it beautiful, and this isn't even all of my books, I still have quite a few at my parents.
My dresser, as you can see it still needs some hardware, but it's getting there.
I haven't been able to do a whole lot since I've been up here because I've been working lots. The Chocolate Factory that I worked at in St. George actually moved up to Salt Lake and they pretty much begged me to come work there. It's only temporary until I find me a library job. My mom has also been up here working at the factory until we get some new workers, so a few weeks ago she took me and my cousin Sally and her kids Serena and Samantha to the zoo. Yesterday, however, Allison and I drove up to Brigham City and went to the open house for the new temple.
Me and Allison.
Allison and me.
This was the second open house I've been to for a temple, the first was for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple a few years ago. It's a beautiful temple, and it reminds me of the St. George temple.
That's about all for my current adventures, hopefully I'll have lots more stories to tell as I get more settled in the big city.


The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Oh how fun you got to go see the inside of the temple! I have only been to one open house....consider yourself pretty lucky. Now look next year you can walk through probably the Payson and Provo temple. Let me go to at least one of those with you! Your room is looking good. You still need some of my handy work. ;) Love how the dresser and bed have turned out! SO PRETTY! Love that bookshelf too!

Oh Dad - I would've been so embarrassed to drive in that! ;) You know me!

Anonymous said...

Did Jeff seriously use duct tape to keep everything in the truck?! Yes, so red neck. Really funny, though!

Look at you, Big City Girl! Living in SLC! I hope it turns out to be everything you ever dreamed of!