Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming to a Close, and Enjoying the Adventures!

This semester is coming to an end, and the last few weeks I have been busy studying and writing papers. But now I am done for the semester, and looking forward to my birthday and my road trip! Since I've been busy writing essays and what not I haven't been able to show you all how much fun I've had with my roommates.
My roommates Allison and Naomi and I decided to make some smoothies with our frozen fruits.
We used my wine glasses that have been gathering dust for the last few months.
One night Allison and I were taking a break from doing homework and we decided to watch the LDS or Pink Pride and Prejudice. While we were watching it we decided to play hang man. Allison did the word Yahtzee and I had to go through the entire alphabet before I figured out what the word was. Allison thought this was pretty funny. Me not so much.
Today Allison and I finally ate at the Thai Restaurant Sweet Basils here in Cedar City. This was my first experience with Thai food and I thought that it was really yummy.

Allison did too.
After lunch at Sweet Basils we drove to St. George and went to this totally awesome park. I can't remember the name of it but it is right next to the Santa Clara river over in Green Valley. I like to think of it as an Adult park because most of the things there I would consider unsafe for little kids.
Allison entering the park, getting ready to cross the rope bridge.
Allison on this awesome twirly thing.
These chairs are so much fun, they made me a little dizzy after spinning around and around and around.
This was kind of embarrassing, but Allison thought it was funny and took a picture instead of helping me.
I really enjoyed this thing, but I was nauseous after Allison decided to spin me around really fast.
Here is the entire park. Doesn't it look fun?
Allison on the spinning chairs.
Even though the last few weeks have been stressful, I've been able to do a lot of fun things. I'll miss my roommates since they are both graduating, but it was definitely an enjoyable semester because of them!


Kali Vuki said...

I LOVE that park!!! I can't remember the official name of it, but everyone I know around here calls it The Spinny Park. hahaha

Berty Bell said...

I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THE PICTURE OF YOU FALLING!!!!!!!!!! Now I am the one who looks embarrassing since I am in the computer lab. That is the funniest picture ever! Seriously can't stop laughing. Thank you Alison for taking a picture rather than helping her out!

Berty Bell said...

Okay! Now that I have regained my composure. Oh my HELLO that is one funny picture. It looks like you and Alison have had some fun together - and made some great memories. It's always nice to have wonderful roomies. I can't believe this is your first time eating at Sweet Basil. I love that thai restaurant, and it's great Cedar has it! I'm for sure keeping them in business! :)

Berty Bell said...

Why in the HELLO would you post a picture like that. I seriously keep coming back to look at that picture because it makes me laugh so hard!!!! Now my boss thinks I've gone crazy!

MinDee said...

Jessie! Thanks for the good laugh today, I so needed that! Your picture is a classic!!! I love that your roommate got that on a photo...Oh, man! Glad you're having fun even thru all the finals. I'm still laughing out loud at that one!

The York's said...

Just so you know Libby was still laughing her head off when I talked to her around six thirty tonight! Looks like you made alot of good memories! Hey at least in your pic you kept your glasses on and I have to be honest it was a laugh out loud picture! Got to love it!!!! And I totallly had a roomate that did that to me! Can't wait to see you guys sooon!