Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Birthday, 23 to be Exact

For those of you who don't know or have forgotten my birthday is on May 3rd. This year my birthday fell in Finals Week. Luckily I had all of my finals and papers done the day before so all I had to do on my birthday was work a few hours at the library. During my first shift at the library my friend Kymn and her sister drove up from St. George and decorated my bedroom.
 This is what Kymn and her sister did to my room.
 She made me a candy gram.
At the end of the day I went to Cash and Libby's house and we had a little party the four of us. I opened all of my birthday presents down there. I got the complete Anne of Green Gables DVD collection, a few books, a sleeping bag, a necklace, and a earring and necklace set. It was a fun birthday.
Here I am with all of my presents.
Of course Libby made me the Better-Than-Sex cake, which was delicious especially since she made real whipped cream instead of cool whip. It was so yummy!


Anisa said...

Happy Birthday!

It's nice you are such a close family:)

Berty Bell said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday. I would say you sure did get spoiled with gifts. I mean really the complete set of Anne of Green Gables and books - like you need more books! A sleeping bag that works awesome, and a sweet friend to surprise you. Sheesh. You did good! And of course "better than sex" cake - nasty I might add...but all for you sweet thing!

Sproatmeal said...

Sounds fun! Wish we could have helped you celebrate--and eat cake! Your room looks totally cute. I haven't seen one of those candy posters for years! I guess that means I'm due for one.

Enjoy being 23!