Thursday, February 10, 2011

Godly Sorrow

We watched this video in my Institute class on Monday and I was surprised to see who was playing the fiancee. I'm sure most of you will recognize him since he is in a lot of Hollywood movies now. It is a really good video, this is not the whole video, but I found the fact that a certain actor was in it rather funny. Enjoy!


Berty Bell said...

First off - LOVE THAT SONG! Second off, this is like my favorite LDS movie ever!!!! I used to watch this movie over and over on my mission, and the Tyler Wilkenson movie, even though that wasn't really church approved. SO funny that the main guy is Aaron Ekhart. I thought he was so cute in this video. Now he is a big time actor...doubt he's still active in the church. (Food for thought - according to IMDB he is mormon and served a mission to Switzerland...)

Sproatmeal said...

That's crazy. Is this from the NT seminary video? I know the song was, but I don't know if the movie is.

Reminds me of Legacy, which ended up having a gay actor play Joseph Smith.