Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Year, Full of Unknown Adventures

I know that it has been several weeks since I last blogged, but I didn't really have anything to blog about, so I thought that I would be like Libby and blog about nothing ;)
This year has started off with a new semester at SUU and some new goals.
One of my goals, and one of Libby's goals, but I'm doing better than she is. Anyway I have started going to the gym and have been very successful so far. Libby and I get up at 6:30 or 7 depending on the day and meet up at the gym. I'm trying to go five days a week, and so far I have been to the gym every Monday through Friday, except MLK day but I went running with Libby. According to my sister we are going to get in shape to run a 10K in a couple of months. I'm not really excited to do this, but according to my sister it will be good for me.
Other than that I have set some of my own goals
- Read 25 books, I try this every year but one year I will do it, and hopefully read more than 25 books!
- Be more outgoing.
- To not procrastinate
- To have more patience with certain people.
- Have a budget and keep it.
- Eat healthier and drink lots more water.
Those sound like good goals right?

Other than those goals I have some things to look forward to this year.
- A 10K. I'm going to try and be positive about this.
- A smoking hot body by summer! (I hope that going to the gym and running a 10k will pay off)
- August will be the beginning of my last year of college, at least of working towards my BA. Maybe I'll decide to work on my Masters Degree. We'll see.
- I'll be turning 23 this year, which really isn't that exciting.
- In May as soon as Libby and I are finished with our finals/papers we will be taking a two week road trip through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah! I can't wait to see new places and see family!
- The unknown that will happen in the following year. You'll all have to come back and check out my blog when I write about all of my unknown adventures!

Other than all of that exciting stuff right now I'm back at SUU for another semester. I'm working at the library again and loving it. I am taking 16 credits of classes that I am mostly enjoying. I'm taking my last semester of French, thank goodness, but I am determined to actually be able to speak in French by the end of the semester! I'm taking Advanced Poetry which I'm loving. American Literature II, I just read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and will get to read a lot of great literature I'm sure. I'm also taking a class called the Psychology of Creative Writing which I am taking with my roommate Allison. This class combines our two majors so it is really fun, she asks me questions about writing and I ask her stuff about Psychology, so it actually works out really well. I'm also taking a Library class, I decided to minor in Library Media, so that I can have an actual profession when I graduate, don't worry I'll only do that until I become a famous author! For institute I am taking Preparing for an Eternal Marriage, don't worry it doesn't mean that I'm getting married anytime soon, but you never know. Other than that I am working at the chocolate factory on Saturdays, and hopefully once concerts start up I'll be back at Tuacahn. You know me, busy, busy, busy.

So for now that is it, but as soon as I have an adventure, you will hear of it. You can always check out my writing blog, I have some good stories on there.
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Anisa said...

Je ne sais que tu parle Francais?

The York's said...

Sounds like Great goals!!! I wish i could go to the gym with you and Libby:( And traveling to New Mexico is a great and wonderful plan!!!!

Berty Bell said...

Well it has actually been nice to have someone to go to the gym with - you have been a great motivator! I'm excited for our road trip this it time yet? I'm ready to go and be done with school. I also know some comes from the movie Home Alone, "You're what the french call" something in french...I guess I forgot it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have the year all planned out! You're brave; I don't put my goals on my blog because then people would hold me accountable for them! I also don't set weight loss goals anymore, hahaha! But good luck, and I hope you achieve them all!

Berty Bell: "Les incompetents"