Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Fun Weekend in Zions

A couple of weeks ago I went to Zions National Park with my friend Erika and her cousin. It was a lot of fun. We hiked the Canyon Overlook hike. Then we went swimming at a swimming hole that isn't on the map. It was a ton of fun! Most of these pictures are NOT very flattering of me, so no making fun!
Erika and I looking at the Canyon!

Me being immature and playing in the sand.

Erika and I just hanging out in a tree.

Me getting ready to slide down the waterfall.

Me jumping off a rock into the awesome swimming hole.

For some reason these two Dragonflies were attracted to me. They kept coming back.

Me, Erika, and her cousin, enjoying the warm sun.

It was a very fun few hours hiking and swimming. However, after spending six hours in the sun my pale skin turned a bright red, and was a bit painful. But now I have an interesting tan line and some great memories at Zions.


Anisa said...

There is this stuff called sunscreen that keeps you from getting burned:)

You'll have to tell us where this secret swimming hole is... looks like lots of fun!

Sproatmeal said...

Looks fun, but I'd be too scared to jump of the rocks or slide down a waterfall.

jessica renae said...

oh how fun! i've been wanting to find that place for the last couple summers. i've heard about it but have no idea where it is. you'll have to show me sometime, yeah?? :)

Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

I think the dragon flies went to your hair because they are attracted to red. I'm basically just making stuff up! Looks like you had fun, next time make sure you wear sunscreen!