Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun in Kanab

So this weekend I went and stayed with Kaylie and her family in Kanab. Thursday evening we walked down the main road of town and I got a quick tour of the town.
The next day, Friday, was when we did everything. We got up and went hiking on Squaw trail.

Then we stopped at Denny's Wigwam and got a picture of me hugging another inanimate object.

Then we went to "Little Hollywood" where they have a ton of old sets from movies filmed in the Kanab area. Here I am in Jail. Notice the creepy guy behind me.

Here I am being hanged for committing some terrible murder. It was really a misunderstanding. I could never kill anyone!

Here is my dead body, lying peacefully in a quite comfortable casket.

Here is Kaylie and me being silly. Look I'm "The Duke"

After that we went to lunch and then went and saw the sand dunes.

After the sand dunes we went and visited some other spots around Kanab, then went back to her parents and watched a couple of movies, because lets face it, there isn't really that much to do in Kanab, plus we were tired from all the stuff we did in one day.


Shellie said...

I love trips to small towns, that is why I love going to Torrey so much...

jessica renae said...

This is so fun - i think we all need to take a lesson from you and take more weekend trips! i love that you see places! and i'm glad you have so much fun :D

Kaylie Jean said...

There is clearly a lot to do in Kanab!! Goodness lol I'm glad you had fun though :]

Liberty Williams said...

Looks like a fun trip...I never thought there was so much to do in Kanab. Glad you have such a fun/great roommate! They're a dime a dozen!!!

Anonymous said...

I've actually been wanting to do a little visit to Kanab for a while. I want to go to those movie sets, and there's some cave thing just outside of town that would be fun. Sounds like a great weekend!

Anisa said...

Looks like fun... I bet your dad was jealous:)