Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Facebook Fast!

So Kaylie and I were talking and decided that because we are both overwhelmed with schoolwork and what not because of the end of the semester that we needed to cut something out of our life until the semester is over. Well since we are both addicted to facebook we decided that it would be best to take a break from it for the next couple of weeks. So Kaylie changed my password and I changed hers and we won't give each other the new passwords until we are done with the semester. I think that this will be really good for both of us since we spend a majority of our time on facebook. Kaylie thinks that she will become a fervent blog I'm just hoping that this will give me more time to actually work on my papers, and actually finish them. So starting tonight I am going without facebook. I think that it will be interesting to see how many people will miss me on facebook...we'll find out. I think that I will probably extend my fast to blogging, so if you don't hear from me for the next couple of weeks, please forgive me, but I'll be off doing homework. So farewell until the semester is over and then I'll update everyone on my life.


jessica renae said...

believe me, after a while it seems so refreshing. and after my media fast, i get on facebook like once a week now. it puts life back where it should be!
ps. love ya tons!

Natalie said...

good luck! and good luck with finals! :) yay for summer

Liberty Williams said...

Facebook is evil...or so that is what my Stake President has said. And, I agree with him, but I do have a facebook account and I OCCASIONALLY get on there. However, when I do get on I waste SO MUCH TIME that I make myself mad. I don't see any good in Facebook...Good luck - hope you can keep it up even after your fast. Limit yourself - that's what I do...Once a week, or longer for that matter. Wow - I think I just wrote a blog about my dislike of facebook and the time that gets wasted on there...Now I realize what I have just said may offend, but this is just my personal opinon of the whole "social network" frenzie...I'm sure there are people out there who really appreciate and love facebook, and I'm glad you like it and can manage it. For me, nothing gets accomplished when I go on Facebook, that is why it becomes a time waster. Therefore, I try to stay away from it. Amen!

Anisa said...

I'm sure facebook fast would be a good thing... how do people spend tons of time on there?