Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Picks, Part 2: Life at the Chocolate Factory

So I know that posting these pictures on my blog could be a kind of black mail, but I just find these pictures funny. Plus it will give you guys a chance to see why I got the name Messy Jessie. Just to let you all know I may look like I am covered in chocolate, but I am one of the best and most detailed cleaners there.

This is me probably after I cleaned a melter, hence being covered in chocolate.

This is me, Erika, and Kelli. We were the three amigos of the chocolate factory for a long time, now I am the only one who still works there, and that is very limited at this point.

Another messy picture of me, and note the apron that was my signature apron until it pretty much fell apart.

This is my personal favorite picture. Kelli and I were pretty hyper one day and Kelli was doing a maverick run and she put her sunglasses on and forgot to take her hairnet off. Luckily someone told her before she got out the door, but it was really funny. We had this joke that we were mental hospital runaways. We're crazy so it worked for us.


Liberty Williams said...

Looks like that job gets you dirty, but it looks like you have a lot of fun at it!

Ainsworth said...

Oh how fun!! I miss working with you guys! Those were the good ol' days: Getting up to your chin in chocolate to clean out the melters!