Friday, January 22, 2010

First Day at the Library

Today was my first day at my new job. Yes I have a new job! I got a job at the SUU Library!
I applied to the Library back in August when I first moved up to Cedar City. I went and talked to them but they never got back to me. But last week I was sitting on the couch in my apartment doing homework when out of the blue I got a call. You guessed it, it was the library calling to see if I was still interested in a job at the library, which was of course a big YES! So I went in for an interview the next day which was Friday. They told me that they would let me know by Wednesday. Well all week I prayed my heart out for this job and Wednesday rolled around. Nothing. I was a bit upset, but I decided that I would go in the next day just to make sure. I went in and asked if they had filled the position. Turns out that they hadn't yet but that they should know by the end of the day.
Well around 2:00pm I got a call, the best call ever, that the job was mine! So I went in today at 8am, which was a little difficult for me, but I woke up on time and even arrived a few minutes early. I am so excited to have this opportunity. I'll be working 10 hours a week, but I can pick up extra shifts and they said that I might be able to get more hours. So between the library and my other job in the English Department (which I am still able to keep) I will get 15 hours a week. Anyway just wanted to let everyone know my great news!


Liberty Williams said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you. See I told you - you need to keep calling and going in. People like that.

Anisa said...

That sounds like the perfect job for you!!!

Lucashell said...

Wow that is a awesome job for you since you love reading... I do love the smell of library book..

Sproatmeal said...

How exciting! What part of the library do you work in, or is it all over the place? I worked at Gen Ref for a few months in the BYU library, and I loved it. I can imagine you loving a library job, too.