Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Entering the Temple

This last weekend I went home to St. George and got my endowments. I went through the St. George temple with my family and friends and Saturday March 29th, 2014. I started thinking about going through the temple about three years ago but because of some technicalities my bishop told me to wait until I was 25 since I wasn't getting married or going on a mission. So that put my decision on hold since I was only 23 at the time. So after I moved to Salt Lake I decided that I would try again. So about six months ago I talked to my Bishop. This time I was determined. My bishop and I talked and decided that I was ready, I just had to set a date. Since I really wanted my sister to be there she was the finalization. So after three months of her trying to get a weekend off, I was finally able to set a date. So about three weeks ago I got my recommend, got my temple clothes with my mom, and was all ready to go.
Several members of my family and several of my friends were wonderful enough to come join me for this awesome experience. I just want to thank everyone who came to support me with this decision!
Libby, me, my mom, and my dad.
Me and my boyfriend Adam.
Me and my cousins Ethan and Libby.
Me and my cousins Summer and Klint.
Me and my family.
Me and Adam being silly.
The cake my mom got me in celebration!
I think what I'm most excited for now is getting to visit all of the temples. Adam and I are going to try and hit every temple in the valley and maybe hit all of the ones in Utah.


Anonymous said...

Ethan and I are so happy for you! It was great to see you at the temple, and I look forward to many more temple visits with you. Manti, here we come!

Doty Family said...

It was so fun to be able to be there! Thanks for inviting me! Sorry I had to bail so quickly but had to get home to the kids! Congrats!

The girl who is seeing the world one flight at a time! said...

YEAH! What a happy day. Thanks for doing this around my schedule. Awesome choice is right Jessie! Good luck on visiting all the temples - makes me jealous! We need to plan some with me, please.