Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Bumpy, Exciting Rollercoast of a Ride

So it has been several months since I last wrote. For the most part it was just work, work, and more work, but lately some interesting things have happened.
I had a male texting buddy for a while, and about two months after we had started texting we finally met in person. The fact that we even met was my idea, and I set up the whole "date." Let's just say that it didn't work out, but I'm over it now.
Allison and I went to the Leonardo Museum and played around a bit. They have this awesome technology exhibit where we made this awesome marble track. It took us about a half hour but it was fun and we got it to work.
A few weeks ago my friend Kelli asked me to go to Prom with her. I know what you're thinking, why is Jessie going to a prom when she's been out of High School for seven years now. Well it wasn't a real prom, it was a birthday party for one of Kelli's friends.
A few weeks ago I got to be there to see Libby get her wings at her SkyWest Graduation. I also got to see Libby graduate from SUU a week and a half later.
Last Friday, May 3rd, was my 25th Birthday. I spent most of the day at Libby's SUU graduation but when I came home my awesome roommate, Allison, had made a TARDIS out of crape paper on the wall, and when I walked into my bedroom it was covered in pink and ballons that my friends Kymn and Russ had done while I was down south for the weekend. There were so many balloons, it took me a good ten minutes to pop them all.
So yesterday when I woke up to go to work, I went to get into my car then realized that my car wasn't where I had parked it. Now I don't have a designated parking spot so I thought maybe I didn't park where I had thought. So I spent the next five minutes walking around the parking lot and not finding my car. At this point I called the cops and reported that my car had been stolen. I went to work and a few hours later, at precisely 1:30 I got a phone call saying that my car had been found. I went and picked up my car a few blocks from my house. Luckily the car was left in one piece, other than a few unimportant things missing. God was definitely watching out for me. I must include that I think the real reason my car was found so quickly and with very little missing was thanks to my friend Ben's two youngest kids praying that I would find my car. Ben told me that they prayed as soon as they got home from school which was 1:20, and ten minutes later I got the call that my car had been found! There is something to be said for the faith of children. They need to pray for me to find a husband ;)
The last few months have definitely had ups and downs but one thing I've learned is that even with the trials and hardships there is still a chance to be happy. I thought, and I guess I sometimes still do slip into this way of thinking, that the only way for me to be happy would be to get married and have a family, but since that won't be for a while, I've been trying to find happiness in other ways. Hopefully I will have many more happy adventures to share with you soon.


Mbak Merdekawati said...

I'm so behind on what's happening! Wow, you really have had ups and downs lately. So sorry it didn't work out with JJR. Wish the frogs would all go away and the prince would present himself.

That is so crazy about your car!

It's so true that you have to learn to be happy with whatever situation you're in. A man won't "save" you. Kids won't "save" you. Even an awesome job won't "save" you. That's been a really tough lesson for me; one that I'm still struggling to learn.

Love you tons and wish I could've helped you celebrate your b-day! So glad we will be closer to each other soon!

The Flight Attendant said...

Thanks for being there for my graduation's. You are AWESOME! And, I am SOOOOOOO grateful your car was found.