Sunday, June 3, 2012

A few days in Edinburgh, Scotland

So as many of you know I just got back from a two week study abroad in England and Scotland. Well now I'm going to share lots and lots of pictures from my awesome trip. This is mostly going to be pictures, just know that I am now in love with Great Britain and I plan on going back very soon. So if anyone wants to go to England next summer let me know because I am DEFINITELY in!!! There's a ton of pictures so I think I might be doing this in parts. These pictures are not in any order. These pictures will be from my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. This was actually near the end of my two weeks, but you'll get to see these first.
This is the Sir Walter Scott Memorial. You can walk up the stairs to the top, but we didn't have time, and honestly I don't do well with heights.

That's Edinburgh castle behind me.

Delicious Fish n Chips. I was too afraid to try any of the other British specialties, but Fish n Chips was sooooooooo yummy!

This is my friend Lloyd. He liked teasing me about being a Ginger. As a side note they call red heads "Gangers" in Scotland.

This was on the Double Dead tour we went on. Hear was a skeleton of one of the prisoners that has been in the catacombs for several centuries.

In the Catacombs

This was our tour guide Ian on the Double Dead tours. He was awesome. He had this creepy laugh and he was so good at being scary.

For all you Harry Potter fans, this is the school that inspired Hogwarts. It has four houses and each house has the same colors as the different houses in Hogwarts.

This is a statue of Greyfriar's dog Bobby. It's said that if you touch the statue you'll see it again within a year. I'm hoping that is true.

These are pictures of JK Rowling writing the Harry Potter books in The Elephant House, which is this yummy cafe that we ate breakfast at one morning.

This was a sign on the door of the bathroom at The Elephant House

This is me and my friend Amber in the bathroom at The Elephant House. People from all over the world have written notes to JK Rowling and Harry Potter.

Look I have a scar like Harry Potter

I wrote Harry Rules! on the bathroom walls.

The Elephant House

The Elephant House

Look it's the headstone of Tom Riddle aka The Lord Voldemort.

The Hogwarts school again.

This is Amber trying on a hideous Flamingo dress. This was an awesome vintage clothing store in Edinburgh


Me and Amber trying on floppy hats in a department store.

Jessica, Rene, and me on the streets of Edinburgh. Our first day it was wet and cold.

Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh Castle grounds.

Edinburgh Castle

There new guard Miss Jessie. I should probably be wearing a kilt ;)

The view from Edinburgh castle

Look at Edinburgh behind me, this is from the castle.

A cool staircase at Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh castle

The chapel in Edinburgh castle.

The chapel at Edinburgh castle.

The changing of the guard at Edinburgh castle

This bagpipe player let me cuddle up with him ;) (It's really a statue)

The grounds at Edinburgh castle.

A cemetery for war dogs.

William Wallace from Braveheart. He doesn't really look like Mel Gibson ;)

A bagpipe player on the streets of Edinburgh.

Another bagpipe player on the streets of Edinburgh.

A guard at Edinburgh castle.
Come back in a couple of days for another leg of my awesome trip to Great Britain.


The York's said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! If I can ever afford it and if I ever get a babysitter for that long I will definitely go back with you!!!!

la Liberté said...

I'm finally getting a chance to look at all your pictures! I would love to go to Edinburgh sometime. It looks really pretty. I don't quite get the Harry Potter stuff, but I bet it's really cool for Harry Potter fans. Looks like you had so much fun!