Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventures of a Couple of Insane Girls

So over the last couple of weeks Allison and I have been having lots of fun.
On Saturday April 2, 2011 Allison and I had Mid-Night Margaritas. Yes this was Conference Weekend. No they did not have alcohol.
Here are the delicious Brazilian Lemonades that we made.
Enjoying our delicious Virgin drinks.
On Friday April 8, 2011 we were able to see Brian Regen in the SUU Centrum. Allison was there with her sister, and Kymn went with me. I'm really sad because we didn't get any pictures of the four of us :(

Kymn and me just before Brian Regen.
 Last night a certain person who we'll call Allison H, no let's call her A. Haight decided that my teddy bear needed to be strangled, so this certain person took my poor, defenseless, sweet little brown bear Cozy and strung him up on her flower lights. 
Here's the Crime Scene
He wasn't dead but he was bearly there, so I tried to save him.
Don't worry, I was able to save him, so he is still with us.
Don't expect me to leave him alone with a certain A. Haight. ;)


Allison said...

Oh, Jessie! You are too funny! I've enjoyed our escapades together :) P.S. your bear had better watch his back...

predamfu: the untimely death of a teddy bear

Berty Bell said...

I really have no words?!?!?! FUNNY!

I want the recipe to this Brazilian lemonade. Why didn't you post it??? Hmm.....

Sproatmeal said...

Glad to see the end of the semester is only threatening to kill your bear--not you!

jessica renae said...

jessie - it makes me SO freaking happy that you still have post card collages all over your walls! i still have them all over my cork boards!! :D
you're the best!