Friday, February 19, 2010

San Francisco Trip: Day 3

On our last day in San Francisco we went to church at Kim's sister's home ward, and were distracted by the three little kids. After church we drove to Oakland to drop Kim's sister Emily off at the Oakland airport. Before we dropped her off we stopped at the Oakland Temple.

I like the Oakland temple the grounds are beautiful!

Here are the famous Painted Ladies. Since Sunday was Valentine's Day, and since we weren't in Utah, people were out on dates of Valentine's Day. So the park next to the Painted Ladies was full of happy couples having picnics. How cliche!

Here's a close up side view of the Painted Ladies. They were so cool, I would love to live in one of those houses...well probably not I don't think that I would want to live somewhere famous where tourists come, I would like some privacy once in a while. Oh yes, and one of the houses was on sale...and it was the green one, my favorite out of all of the houses. It probably cost a few pretty pennies, more than I will ever have in my lifetime.

Our next stop was to Haight and Ashbury. For those of you who are not familiar with Haight and Ashbury it was the place that all of the hippies went to in the sixties and seventies. You might be familiar with the song "If you're going to San Francisco" well that song was written for this time and place. It was quite funny because there are still a lot of hippies that sit on the corners smoking. We didn't spend a lot of time here but we did go into a couple of stores and one of the ones I walked into they sold bongs! What the heck! I guess only on Haight and Ashbury.

This was a cool store on Haight and Ashbury. Look at it isn't it pretty and colorful!

Our last night in San Francisco we spent on the beach. Notice the Golden Gate Bridge lit up in the background. The beach we were on was China Beach and it was a high tide and we almost got stuck behind this huge rock! It was so much fun and we got soaking wet! It was a great way to end our fun and exciting trip!

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Liberty Williams said...

I love the painted ladies!!! I'm also glad you got a picture of the street sign haight and ashbury...I never did, I was to scared to take my camera out on that street.