Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Pictures Part 1

So for Christmas Flint gave me a Gift Card to Walmart so that I could take some old disposable cameras to get them developed. Well these cameras were from about three years ago. And I thought that for fun I would post some of the pictures from those cameras because some of them have some kind of funny pictures.
These ones are right after after I graduated from High School, when I cut off 10 inches of hair and donated it to locks of love.

So here is the before picture.


And the after picture. I'm thinking of maybe going this short again this summer, or maybe I'll wait until the next summer.


Liberty Williams said...

I've always wanted to donate my hair, but it's been colored to many times. And, I can't seem to ever let it get really long.

Jessie said...

That is my goal to donate my hair again, so I will probably have to wait another year or go really short, and I'm not sure that I want to do that.