Monday, October 26, 2009

The joys of "The Tuacahn"

So ended another year at "The Tuacahn" but don't worry I'll be back next year. Here are some pictures from the closing night of Aida!

This is with Thayne Jasperson, he was on the show So You Think You Can Dance? He also played Ren in Footloose and was the main Egyptian dancers for Aida. I know the picture isn't great it was taken from my phone, but I had to show ya'll how beautiful he is!

This next picture is with Josh Adamson, he played Radames in Aida. He is gorgeous and very nice, and the best part of all is that he is from Australia, and has the accent and everything!

This next picture is of me with Terrance. He plays Mereb and has the most amazing voice!!!

Kim and Mereb (Terrance).

These next pictures are of the box office gang. This is us with the girl who played Amneris in Aida and she also played Ariel in Footloose.

The box office with Radames.

With Aida.

With Mereb.

This is us with Jenn, she was one of the ensemble but she is way sweet!
This is just to show ya'll how much I love it at Tuacahn, one of the best places ever!


Chanae said...

WTC! I missed the box office group pictures! Hold did that happen?!
I can't wait to see your Halloween costume on Saturday Jessie!

jessica said...

Jessie, these are so fun! i'm so sad that i missed this show, i was SO excited to see it. and so bummed when we couldn't come down to see it :( you look wonderful!

Liberty Williams said...

How exciting that you are going to be working there next going to hook a sister up! Bless you! I saw the footloose guy at Thriller last night - yummy, to bad he likes boys....