Sunday, October 18, 2009

DI Dance Baby

So Thursday night the Institute had a DI Dance. Now you may be wondering "What in the Heck is a DI Dance?" Well I'll tell you. The DI Dance is a dance where you go to the local DI (also know as Deseret Industries) and buy an outfit. Let's just say that you can get some of the most attractive outfits.

This first picture is of Sarena, McKenzie, Kaylie, and myself. McKenzie and Kaylie are my roommates.

This is McKenzie in her hot outfit. I especially like her hot shorts.

This next picture I had to put on so that you could get a feel of my whole outfit. I think that the socks added to it. By the way those socks weren't from DI, they are actually from Europe. My awesome friend Kymn got them for me when she went on an art trip over the summer.

Here is a picture of me and my roomies. Check out Kaylie's hot overall skorts, business in the front party in the back!

Here is another picture of the four of us, just before we went to the dance. You've got to love church dances. Slow dances are awkward because no one dares to ask anyone to dance so everyone goes out in the hall until the song is over, and then there are those fun dances such as the chicken dance or the boot scootin' boogie. Plus you're in a room full of people dancing so it's hot and smells like sweat. Good times, good times!


Jessie said...

Sorry the words don't exactly go with the right pictures, Sorry for the inconvenience!

The York's said...

Jessie you are busy busy busy!!!! I'm glad your going to all the activities, looks like you had a good time

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun! I love dances. I went to every stake/church dance and every school dance I could possibly go to. BUT I don't think I ever went to a DI Dance. That sounds really fun! And looks fun!

People really go out in the hall during slow dances?! That's crazy! I don't think it ever happened at the dances I went to. But I also was never shy, so I asked guys to dance all the time. Better than standing around doing nothing!

Great to see pictures of you and your roomies!

Chanae said...

Those are some crazy fun outfits! Looks like tons of fun!

Anisa said...

Totally fun!!!

Liberty Williams said...

It's about time WE all get to see pics of you and your roomies. Thanks for posting!