Friday, September 25, 2009

This has a point I promise!

Okay so this post actually has a reason behind it. So I'm in my fifth week of school at SUU. Everything is going great. I have a calling in my ward, I have enough money saved so that I will be able to stay in my apartment next semester as well. I have a job working in the English Department on campus. Because my job up here is only five hours a week, I have had to resort to working at Tuacahn and Amber Lyn Chocolates on Saturdays. It kind of sucks having to drive down every weekend to work, but it is what I have to do, and hopefully I'll be able to find something else up here before too long. My roommates and I are getting along really well. In fact last weekend we had a movie and pizza night at our apartment and invited some girls in our apartment complex to come over.
I think that this is a really good experience for me. I'm growing so much. I'm becoming more outgoing and actually making friends with the people in my ward. In fact, I've actually talked to guys! I know shocking, right? I love reading about how everyone is doing. I feel like I never see anyone anymore. Libby even called me the other day and was like "I never see you anymore." And she thought that since I would be living in Cedar City that I would see her all of the time. Boy was she wrong! Anyway, that's about all right now. Love you all!

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures, I just haven't taken any. I'll need to make sure and get pictures of me and my roommates, so that you all know I'm telling the truth!


Sproatmeal said...

We're so happy things are going well for you. Yeah, the job situation kind of sucks, but hopefully you'll be able to change that before too long. We're glad you're enjoying school and the whole college experience. It can be so much fun! Sometimes we regret that we only had one year of fun, single college life before getting married. Take advantage of it!

Doty Family said...

College is such a growing experience. Along with it come the growing pains, but it sounds like your adjusting well! Hopefully you will be able to find a job in Cedar soon. Your mom is probably really glad to see you each weekend, though! Love ya!

Ashley said...

Jessie! I feel like kind of a blog stalker but I just found your blog! It's so good to see you're doing well!