Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random pictures!

Here are a bunch of random picture, to entertain you all. Enjoy!

Oh my gosh! So I was bored, and trying to avoid doing homework. I decided to go through my pictures. You have to see what I found! This is Tyson. He is the love of my life. This picture was taken around Christmas of 2007, right after we got Rusty. Look at Rusty, he is so cute and small!

Okay this next picture is from when Libby, Audra, and I drove to Alaska. I'm sure that Libby will probably hate me for putting this on my blog, but you have to admit that it is a funny and very attractive picture of her. I love you Libby!

These next two pictures were from the time my boss Ben took me on a ride on his totally awesome motorcycle! It was so fun. If anyone knows any guy who owns a bike, set me up. I love motorcycles!


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Yay! Thanks for the pix!

Liberty Williams said...

Oh gees - we want to see your roomies, none of these old pictures...especially of me asleep in the back seat of my car. THAT WAS A REALLY LONG DRIVE...and I have some great pictures of you from that long A drive. Oh well, it made for a good laugh.

Doty Family said...

Oh look at my baby! He sure grew up fast. Thanks Jessie! you just made my day!

Sproatmeal said...

We always see pretty pictures of Libby, so it's good to finally see an awkward one.

So, Jessie likes biker dudes. Maybe you should join BACA so you can meet some.