Sunday, July 26, 2009

Everybody Cut Loose!

So I know that you all know that I work at the Tuacahn Box Office during the summer. Well, this last week I got the chance to see Footloose again. Let me just say that it is a great show! Very entertaining and fun. I took my friend Kim with me and we had a blast. Before the show we got our picture taken in the Footloose poster, and yes I am the guy.

At intermission they have a mechanical bull that people can pay to ride. They also have it on the plaza before the show. The first week they were letting Tuacahn employees ride the bull for free, probably trying to get some publicity. I had to take something to the guy who runs the bull and he convinced me to get on the bull and ride it. I wasn't on it for very long, but it was fun, and I will definitely try it again.
Anyway back to my original story. At intermission they have the mechanical bull on the stage, as well as some of the actors who go through the audience and drag people on stage to square dance. Well they were mainly taking little kids up on stage, so me and Kim decided that we wanted to go dance on stage. So we ran up and started dancing with the actors and as soon as we went up a ton of other people came up and joined us. As you can see by the picture some people we know caught us on camera.
Definitely a great show!


Liberty Williams said...

HELLLLLLLOOOOOO! Why haven't you hooked your sister up. I better be able to go before the season is over, and before you don't work there anymore.

Sproatmeal said...

Sounds like lots of fun! That would be a great show to see sometime.

I love the new picture up top. It's gorgeous!

Melvin said...

Sounds like lots of fun...
Thanks for sharing...

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