Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm so indecisive!!!

So I hate making decisions!!! I have two great options and I cannot make up my mind on which one to choose. My two choices are Utah State University and Southern Utah University. Both are really good choices and I know that I would do good at either of them but I cannot make an executive decision. I just got a tour of the SUU campus this last Monday and I love the campus. I can definitely see myself going to SUU. But...I have been approved for a loan at Utah State. I'm going to wait and make my choice after I find out what type of financial aid I will be approved for at SUU and I will also wait until after I see the Utah State campus. I'll make sure to keep everyone updated!


Logan and Sydney said...

SUU's campus is really pretty until you find yourself rushing up one of those beautiful hills with a 40 lb. backpack.

Liberty Williams said...

I thought you hated your family so much that you need to get as far away as possible? USU, USU, USU!!!

Amanda Raybould said...

Ok. If I were you I would go with USU...just because when you finally go out looking for a job, a degree from USU will look better on your resume than SUU. And thats only because its more well known NOT because it is a better education. USU would also give you a much better "college experience" because Cedar is not that great... anyway keep us posted!! :)