Monday, March 2, 2009

"(Your name) is like" tag

The Rules are unflinchingly rigid.
1. Go to
2. Search "(your name) is like" with the quotes
3. Post the first 10 results

Jessica is like so deep at The Insider.
Jessica is like a virgin (not even kidding).
Jessica is like a bird which has been put in a cage.
Jessica is like the sexiest girl ever.
Jessica is like the bad luck tiki necklace in the Brady Bunch episode.
Jessica is like a homemade enchilada, but instead of cheese or soy meat she is filled with tasty human brilliance.
Jessica is like the quintessential farmers daughter, you just want to find a haystack with her, and then pray she can sing well.
Jessica is like those 1000 pretty Mexican girls next door.
Jessica is like what you see is what you get.
Jessica is like a determined athlete who pushes herself past each hurdle in life.

Just for your information most of these were pertaining to Jessica Simpson. I tag anyone who cares to do this, it is pretty entertaining and very funny.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

I did a similar one recently. I'll have to do the "is like" one, too!

My favorite is the first one. ;)

1. Sally needs a suitor who is capable of tending to her dreams and is willing to be second priority so that the people can come first
2. Sally misses Brad, and wishes he could come back to her
3. Sally needs your help!! As soon as the WCSPCA gets a new dog then Sally will be put down!!!
4. Sally, a special needs student
5. Sally needs to decide how quickly she wants to get her hands on the money
6. Sally needs get a life, obviously! Or I wouldn't have been sucked into this game.
7. Sally needs to measure out exactly 6 cups of water, but she can find only 2 containers.
8. Sally needs to adjust to her new speed.
9. Sally needs your help. Every month she works hard and earns a decent living, but she. always struggles at the end of the month to pay her bills
10. Sally needs sleep now and exercise tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Most of mine were about Scooter Libby. "Scooter Libby is like Lil Kim."