Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

So this Christmas we spent Christmas in Kanarraville at Cash's house. All six of us were there and it was just a great holiday!! It was nice for all of us to be together and enjoy the holiday. We had cousins and aunts and uncles and friends join us throughout the holidays. On Christmas Day we got a lot of snow so some of us decided to make a giant snowman! Cash and Adam did most of the work, but I came out and helped with the top half of the snowman.

We also did a lot of sledding and my butt was very cold and sore after sledding.

Last Christmas as some of you may remember I got a lifesize cardboard cutout of Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Well this Christmas I got a lifesize cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen from Twilight. I don't know why people get me these things but I must say I really do enjoy them. As you can see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed Edward around. Along with Edward I got the movies I wanted, plus a few gift cards, and some pajamas and a couple of robes.
The Saturday after Christmas I had a blind date. His name is Byron Reeves (and no he is not related to any of the Reeves in Utah). It was such a fun date. We talked the whole time, and we actually have a lot in common. We doubled with my boss who set us up and his wife (Ben and Staci). We met them at Outback Steakhouse then went to their house after dinner and had a foosball competition. Let's just say that Byron got to see the real me. Nothing has happened since the date, but Ben seems pretty confident that Byron is going to call me soon. Byron has been in Salt Lake for a couple of weeks.
New Years Day I went on another date. This time with a Marine! He is the Doty's cousin and I've actually been out with him before but it has been about two years. We went shooting and 4-wheeling and it was a blast. Gabe (the Marine) is very attractive but very shy. I was the one trying to keep him talking. He did show me how to shoot some pistols or hand guns. I did get really good at shooting the clay pigeons with the shot guns. I also ended up with a bruise on my shoulder the next day.
So this holiday season I had a lot of fun and experienced lots of new things. Such as going on two dates with two different guys within less than a week. That is totally not like me as most of you know.It has been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed every minute of it, but now I'm back to work and it is so boring!


Doty Family said...

We had a blast both days!!! Get me your email and I will send you the pictures of Gabe!

Doty Family said...

We had a blast both days!!! Get me your email and I will send you the pictures of Gabe!

Liberty Williams said...

You better not get married before me! I'm glad you had a great was great to have you stay with us. AND BY THE WAY...I SHOULD BE GOING OUT WITH THIS MARINE - HE'S MORE MY AGE!!!

Libby the Teacher said...

Wow, Jessie, you dating machine! Sounds like lots of fun.

Uh, what is Libby doing to that snowman?!