Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Saw Santa!!!

So Friday I was working at Tuachan, and they have Santa there and I thought "I think I should go see Santa and tell him what I want this Christmas." What do you think I want for Christmas. Well if any of you know that Christmas song sung by Britney Spears "My Only Wish This Year" then you'll know what I want. A man under my tree with a big red can laugh I do. Anyway my point was that I got to see Santa Clause and sit on his lap. I didn't tell him that was what I wanted I pretty much just sat on his lap to get a picture, but he really nice and he gave me a free candy cane!!!


Liberty Williams said...

That Santa looks kind of young...Is he an eligible bachelor...what color eyes does he have? If anyone needs to ask/want a man for Christmas it's ME!!! You are still too young - you have at least 8 more years to get under your belt!

Anisa said...

I sat on Santa's lap too! I didn't get my candy cane. We should have stuck around until you got off work.

Lucashell said...

Looks like fun!