Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Here are those Pictures I promised!

Kelli, and Kelli's sister Tiffani. This next picture is me and Kelli growling, if you couldn't tell.
This is me,

I love this picture of me, because I think that I actually look like a vampire. I'm getting ready to attack. Also notice my t-shirt that I was wearing. It says "Twilight. 11/21/2008, 12:01am" on the front. And the back says "At first bite"
I know it is cheesy but heck I have a Twilight shirt!!!!

I wanted to show you my honey colored eyes. This first picture is with my costume. The other picture is to show everyone that the contacts really did make a difference. I know it is kind of a creepy picture.

This picture is of the line. We got there about 9:30pm, and by the time we got sat down in the theater we were in the second row. That was a blast.


Doty Family said...

You did a good job!! Holy Crow, you really do look like one. Cute hair by the way! Luv ya!

Lucashell said...

Pretty funny jessie! I do like your hair? Freaky eyes! I get to see it tomorrow I am so excitted!

Liberty Williams said...

You make a beautiful vampire! Now just find that Edward and you two can live F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Can't wait to see it again on Friday. Yipee!!! I love EDWARD!

Libby Sproat said...

Your eyes almost match your hair, which I agree looks super cute styled like that.