Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Vacation to "The Last Frontier"

Hey everyone I know that it has been a couple of weeks since I got home from Alaska but a lot has been going on and I haven't had a chance to use a computer that had the internet so here is the jist of my trip. I know Libby told you all about our drive up and if you haven't read it go read it on Libby's blog. As some of you may have realized we were on the road for my 20th birthday, which didn't really feel like my birthday. We were mainly in the Yukon and British Columbia so we didn't have any phone service and I felt kind of sad that I wasn't able to talk to anyone but Libby and Audra on my Birthday; However, I did get some nice texts and voicemails that I checked later. Thanks! That made me feel a lot better. Once we got to Anchorage we drove straight to Bev's house. When we walked in my friend Camilla had a nice surprise awaiting me: A birthday cake with candles, and not any cake my favorite Mom's Celestial cake aka better-than-sex cake (like I would know!)

That was Sunday May 4th. It was so fun, I haven't blown out candles on a birthday cake since my 15th birthday.

The first day in Alaska Camilla and I went Ice skating!! It was my first time and it was so much fun! At first I stayed close to the edge but after a while I was doing tricks, a little. After we went Ice skating we went and had dinner at Orso's and I tried Calamary and oysters! Both very chewy. I didn't like either really.
The next day Camilla, her boyfriend Matt, and I went hiking at Gull rock which was 10 miles round trip and I was sore then we went to Homer and camped on the Homer Spit.

The next day we went on about an 8 mile bike ride to the end of the Homer Spit and I got to see the ocean and see real star fish and crab. Then we went back to Anchorage but we stopped and I got to crawl through a big snow cave. After we got back to Anchorage, Camilla and I went swimming at one of the inside pools.

On the last day we went Canoeing which was a lot of fun. Then we went to some gift shops and then we met up with Libby and Bev and some others to Eat at Glacier Brewhouse and have the yummy peanut-butter pie.

Then at midnight I went and got onto a plane to fly home. I had so much fun on my trip and hope to be able to do it again. I recommend this trip to everyone!!


Lucashell said...

looks like alot of fun... Don't be upset but When I looked quickly at that last photo I thought it was flint. I guess that not too bad since he is your brother.

Anisa said...

Sounds fun. Cute pics.

Liberty Williams said...

I'm glad you had fun. By the way, I think your birthday was good - We made it good - you even got to have cake on the road. I hope you get to come back again this summer with mom and dad...

Jessie said...

I hope so too!! That would be fun, but mom makes it sound like she doesn't want me to come.