Friday, May 23, 2008

I got Stephenie Meyer's autograph!!!

So on May 16th (and yes it was the same day as Grandma's funeral) I went to Salt Lake and got to go to a Stephenie Meyer discussion and signing!!! It was so much fun. My friend Kelli Jo and I drove up to Salt Lake after the funeral arriving at Thanksgiving Point at around six o'clock and the signing started at seven. At seven she came out on stage, we were at the Show Barn at Thanksgiving Point. She talked for about 30 minutes, mainly on The Host, but also on Twilight and the movie. She thinks that the movie is going to be really well done and she thinks that all of the actors fit their characters really well. After her discussion she signed books. We were the second to last row and we had to wait four hours before we got our books signed, but it was worth it. While we waited Kelli and I both started reading The Host, and I finished it Thursday Morning around 2:30. It was such a great book, good love story, even though it was about Aliens. It wasn't as good as the Twilight saga but I still really enjoyed it. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out! Plus she said that she is planning on maybe doing two more books after The Host, so that is very exciting. I have some pictures to brag about so here they are, enjoy them!!

So I was able to get my The Host and Twilight, and then I was nice enough to get Libby's Eclipse signed.

I know you can't believe that I waited four hours for that, but I had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed myself.

This is me and Kelli before it started I was so excited I was bouncing off of my seat!!!

Just wanted to show you how far back we were, my camera was on full zoom and still the picture is pretty far away!!

This was taken after we got our books signed, we weren't allowed to take pictures of her while we were on the stage so this was about it.


Lucashell said...

Rub it in!!

Liberty Williams said...

Thanks for getting my book signed although her signiture isn't much...I could've signed the book and nobody would even be able to tell...Glad you got to go and have fun. It's also sad I didn't know Grandma was going to die that same weekend cause i could've went since I was there!

Brandy & Josh said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Maybe next time though. Cute blog by the way.

Luv ya!


Anisa said...

You are such a crazy little obsessed fan!