Friday, January 4, 2013

Have you ever heard of pie shakes?

So today Allison and I tried a little restuarant called Sammy's. There is a location near by, so Allison and I decided to go and try it out. Sammy's is famous for their pie shakes. Allison and I ordered some burgers and fries, I got sweet potato fries, and some delicious shakes. Allison got the mint oreo pie shake and I got the red velvet cupcake shake. Both of them were amazing! They had a lot more flavors available, so don't be surprised if I go back for more.
After Sammy's, Allison and I went and saw Here Comes the Boom. I have to say that I loved it! However, I did have a hard time with the actual fighting, but other than that it was awesome!!! I will say that it made me cry a little bit, but for anyone who knows me well knows that I cry in a lot, A LOT, of movies. My brother will definitely like this movie, especially the UFC fighting.
As for the holidays, they were spent with family. A very chaotic week, but lots of fun. I got a bedspread, a sewing kit, and money to go shopping, and I got a lot of cute clothes. Let's see, I saw Breaking Dawn, Part 2, The Hobbit, Les Miserables, and Life of Pi over the last few weeks. Yes I enjoyed Breaking Dawn, I loved The Hobbit, Les Miserable was good, and Life of Pi was ok, I did enjoy it more than the book, but I felt like the book went on forever! Now back to The Hobbit, I absolutely loved it! Now I know that ya'll know how much of a Lord of the Rings fan I am. Well I totally enjoyed it, plus it had my newish love. A few years ago I discovered a wonderful British movie called North and South. It stars a beautiful man called Richard Armitage.
 See how beautiful he is!
He is in The Hobbit and plays Thorin Oakenshield. Even as a dwarf I think he's beautiful, my roommate thinks I'm crazy, but I can't resist his beautiful blue eyes. Honestly I think Richard Armitage is my dream guy: tall, dark hair, amazing blue eyes, and British, seriously I think he's my soul mate, now I just need to find him and meet him ;)
I'm also in love with David Tennant, who is the 10th doctor on Doctor Who.
I think that it's official. I'm in love with British men. I think I definitely need to move to England.
That's about all of late. Until next time.

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Lib-Dawg said...

I could care less about your love for these british men! I want to hear more about this restaurant Sammy's. Glad you updated your blog and changed your profile picture on here so it's not a circle wit a subtraction sign in the middle of it! This is all said with love.

P.S. I'm sure Cash will love "Here Comes the Boom!"