Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Final Day in England

My last day in England was spent visiting the Tower of London and wandering around visiting some other sites.
This is part of the Roman wall. It's the oldest known structure in London.
Here I am standing outside the Tower of London. I'm a bit nervous that I might be tortured when I go inside.
The Tower of London
The Tower Bridge
I think that I would make a good knight...or would it be dame?
The entrance to The Tower of London
Still nervous...
The White Tower, now a museum.
White Tower
A crown displayed in the White Tower.
How would you like to use that toilet? I guess it's pretty much just like using a smurf ;)
A display of weapons in the tower.
With one of the workers in the Tower. They would act out little skits throughout the Tower.
Is that the Tower Bridge behind me? Sherlock Holmes stood on that bridge ;)
The entrance to the Tower.
A Double-Decker bus. I finally rode one for the first time on my last day in London.
Piccadilly Circus
The fountain in Piccadilly Circus.
This is in Hyde Park.
After visiting the Tower of London, and riding a Double-Decker bus through London, I ended up in Hyde park by myself. I could definitely live in London, I felt safe wandering through the town and taking the tube by myself. Thank goodness I was smart enough to wait and tell my parents that I had wandered around by myself long after I'd done it. My parents would have freaked out if they had known about it.

The fountain at the top of the lake in Hyde park.
Alone in Hyde Park.
It was so pretty and green in the park. I could see me wandering around and enjoying a picnic or reading.
Here's the Peter Pan statue. For any Peter Pan or Finding Neverland fans, Hyde park is where JM Barrie wrote a lot of Peter Pan. It's also where Peter Pan was found as a baby in the book.
The Princess Diana memorial fountain in Hyde park.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. It had a nice little walkway around it, and you could sit and stick your feet in the fountain.
About a block outside Hyde Park sits one of the LDS churches. It was under construction while I was there, along as everything else. (They're making everything pretty for the Olympics)
The LDS church up close.
And even closer.
Another picture of the church.
I spent two wonderful weeks in England, and it will definitely be a trip that I will never forget. If anyone ever plans on going to England, let me know, I would love, love, love to go back. Next time I plan on visiting more Jane Austen sites, and riding the Eye of London. It really was the most fantastic trip of my life, and I look forward to many more trips in the future!

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The Dawg, Lib-Dawg said...

Ooooohhhhh take me to London someday please. Thanks for all the pics so I can kind of live through you!