Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Most Miraculous Monday

Now my title might be a bit exaggerated, but this experience I'm about to share felt like a miracle to me.
As many of you know I work in a library, and one of my jobs is working with ILL or InterLibrary Loan. I'm not going to explain what ILL is because that would be boring, all you need to know is that working in ILL I package books to be sent to other libraries.
Well on Monday I had a lot of packages to run over to the post office, and when I have too many packages to carry I take a little red flyer wagon. Well on this day I had a bunch of packages and a box full of magazines that I was taking to someone. I went and dropped off the packages to the post office and I still had the box of magazines. I was turning the wagon around when I hit a crack when the wagon and the box of magazines just tipped right over. Before I even had a chance to bend down to pick them up three guys from three different directions ran over and picked up the wagons and magazines for me. I was shocked! I thought that I must have stepped into a time-space continuum that transported me to a different universe. Seriously no one does anything like that anymore, most people look away or walk past. I thanked them and they all went their separate ways.
As I was walking away I felt like I was in a haze. I remember what happened clearly, but a part of me is wondering if it was just my overactive imagination. Guys don't even open doors for girls anymore let alone help a girl when she drops her books. It makes me sad that gentleman are becoming an endangered species, but it's nice when you get a glimpse that maybe there are still a few out in the world.
Just know if this ever happens again, I'm getting some phone numbers ;) That's another shocking thing about this I wasn't dressed cute, my hair was in a bun, and yet they still helped me. Now do you understand why I see this as a type of miracle?


Anisa said...

I hope I can teach my boys to be like that.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Funny yet sweet story! I'm really glad they helped. I noticed a real difference between BYU and UVU when I worked/went to school at both. At BYU, I always had guys open doors for me or help me with stuff. It was weird if they didn't. At UVU, it was weird if I guy actually opened a door for me. I've also noticed another difference: wear a skirt or dress. Every time I wore a skirt at UVU, it seemed guys opened doors for me. If I wore pants, it was less likely to happen. No joke.

What is awesome about your miracle was that it was THREE guys! That is so cool. Not just one, but THREE!

Berty Bell said...

Wow! Great story. So were the boys cute, did they have rings, on???? Why didn't you get a number???? I still think you should dress up more and not look like a "librarian," but it's totally cool they stopped to help. ;)