Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Second Trip down Desolation

So as many of you know a few years ago I went on a river trip with some family and friends down Desolation Canyon and the Green River. If you would like to see pictures from my first trip click here.
These pictures aren't in order, I'm too lazy to go through and put them in order.
Here I am on the river.
Here is our group at a ranch on the river.
I just wanted everyone to see how well we ate on this river. These steaks were HUGE!
Here is our entire group at the lodge on the Indian Reservation. Starting on the back row on the left: Stephanie, Hilton and Mary Covington, Ron, Kevin Lee, and Me. Front row: Libby, Lacey, Cash and Kali.
Stephanie, Me, and Libby. Stephanie and Libby think that I should be a River Guide or as they called it a River Raft.
 The girls, we outnumbered the men on this trip.
Nefertiti or Nefer's Tits as Cash liked to call it.
 Us kids at the end of the trip.
 Cash and Kali.
 Me, Libby, and Stephanie's awesome Chacos!
 And our awesome tan lines.
Our group at the end of the trip.
 Our group at the moonshiner cabin.
 Cash, Ron, Me, and Libby. So fun to go on trips with family.
 The river guides. I was in control of the maps pretty much the whole trip!
 This is my Axl Rose pose. To watch a slide show of me as Axl Rose click here.
 Silly Libby.
 Sis and me.
 Cash showing off by doing back flips off the boat.
 Here I am rowing the boat.
So there is one funny story I need to share. Our last night we camped at Nefertiti and there was a rapid right next to the camp. When we launched in the morning both boats were able to make it past a rock that was near the beach where we were camped. Well Kevin Lee decided that he wanted to take his Kayak down the last eight miles. Before he was able to get his paddle in the water he hit the rock and flipped. I was sitting on the back of our boat and caught Kevin's Kayak and held it while Libby and Stephanie helped him onto the boat. Now at the camp next to us was a group of people from Colorado. The had come over the night before and invited us to have some drinks with them, of course we didn't. They had a rescue kayaker and when he saw Kevin flip his kayak, he was out in a minute to help us out. When Kevin got into the boat him and I were trying to pull his kayak onto the boat to drain it and in the process I got knocked off the boat but I was still hanging on. I made my way to the front of the boat where Libby and Stephanie, both of whom do not have any arm strength, tried to pull me into the boat. This was unsuccessful because all three of us were laughing. The guy in the kayak came to help. He told me to step on his kayak and he would give me a push into the boat. Evenutally I landed face first into the bottom of the boat with my legs up in the air, but I couldn't move because I was laughing so hard, plus Libby was trying to help me and ended up pulling me into an even more uncomfortable position. In the end I made it on the boat still giggling. After the kayaker left Libby told me I should have gotten his number because he was cute and he got a handful of me. Libby was also upset that she hadn't been able to record it because it would have been funny and would've gotten a lot of hits on youtube.
We did make it through the trip alive, although most of us had been eaten alive by mosquitoes. I counted 176 bites on me after I got home, but I'm sure there were more that I had missed. It was an enjoyable trip with lots of laughs and adventures, and plenty of delicious food. Hopefully I'll be able to do another river trip soon. I enjoy doing them every once in a while.


Anisa said...

Looks like fun:)

Amie said...

That looks like quite the adventure! I'm a tad bit jealous (not of the mosquito bites)

Berty Bell said...

I'm surprised we survived another trip together. Now we seriously need a break from each other. Poor Stephanie to be in the middle of the two of us. She is a trooper! ;) Lot's of fun.

P.S. Jessie, will you please be a river guide just during the summer months. It will give you some good stories to write about. ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you serious about 176 bites? That is crazy!!! It must be nonstop bites all over your body. I guess I shouldn't complain about all my mosquito bites anymore. But 10 in 30 minutes is pretty good! That's my record.