Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day with the Fam Damily

Like last year when Libby, Cash and Kali, Me, and Summer's family went hiking up Spring Crick we decided to do it again this Memorial Day.
The four kiddos.
Our fun group picture. Notice Libby's famous pose.
After hiking up Spring Crick we went back to Cash's, met up with more family and friends and started grilling some burgers and hot dogs. Of course along with good food and family, there was lots and lots of fun.
More Friends and Family.
And even more.
After we were all done eating we went down to the Kanarra Cemetery and visited our ancestors. A great way to remember our ancestors is by reading my story about Great Grandpa Jess.
While walking around the cemetery, Joren and Peyton were such great buddies.
The kiddos relaxing. Aren't they just so adorable!
I had to get a picture with these cuties.
After we left the cemetery we went back to Cash's and played in the corral that looks like a sea of green.
The cuties loved running around and playing with Lucy in the corral.
They also liked wrestling with Cash and Lucy.
Aren't they so cute, they love their cousins.
They also enjoyed climbing the ugly plum tree.
The ending of a fun weekend with family and friends. Can't wait for Memorial Day next year, or at least until the Fourth of July...

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Berty Bell said...

You blogged about memorial day...and you used all my pictures. I know what you need a nice new camera for christmas....