Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just for Fun: Temples I've visited.

So just for fun I thought that I would do a list of all of the Temples that I have been to so far. Now I don't have pictures of all of the temples that I have visited but most of them.

Oquirrh Mountain Temple (I've actually been in this one [open house])

Bountiful Temple

Mesa, AZ Temple

Oakland, CA Temple

Monticello Temple

Draper Temple

St. George Temple (Do Baptisms in this temple all the time)

Nauvoo, IL Temple (Did Baptisms in this temple when I was there)

Chicago, IL Temple

Logan Temple

Manti Temple

Cardston, Alberta Canada Temple

Idaho Falls, ID Temple

Anchorage, AK Temple

Not Pictured:
Provo, UT
Salt Lake City, UT
Mount Timpanogas, UT
Las Vegas, NV

So far these are all of the temples that I have been to in my life. Someday there will be lots more. I would prefer adding some that are not on the North American Continent, but until then this is the list of the temples that I have seen in my 22 years.


Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

Are you copying me...I'm pretty sure I did a post like this. ;) ;) ;)

Just a suggestion on your Mesa temple - it's a little crooked.

With all that said, I did like this post!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of temples! Pretty amazing. I still have never done all of the ones in Utah, and it'll be even more difficult now! I'm thinking you've been to several more temples than I have. I've been to Frankfurt, Germany and Preston, England, but those are the only non-US ones. I haven't even seen the one in Cardston! We just never like going out of the way to visit a temple, so we don't. I'm glad we could help you add two to your list!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Libby, :p. "it's a little crooked!?" sheesh, lol

Jessie, this is cool. When I was a kid, and we traveled so much, I collected articles of faith cards. Each temple had a card with the articles of faith and a picture of that temple. I lost it ages ago.

I have attended weddings at
Los Angeles

Done temple work at
Jordan River
St George

Visited the grounds of
Laie, Hawaii
Washington, DC
Vernal (openhouse)

:) sally

Anisa said...

That's a pretty good list... I should make one... let me think...