Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Chocolatey Adventure

I know that most of you know that I used to...kind of still at a chocolate factory. Well apparently those skills that I learned at the chocolate factory are still important in my everyday life. It also seems that I still get covered in chocolate.

So here are the center of the Oreo truffles that we made. They were really easy just cream cheese and smashed oreos.

Here they are the finished truffles! They are delicious!

Here we are: Kaylie, me, and Allison. We were the great candy makers! Kaylie thought it would be funny to rub the chocolate all over our faces. Yep it was pretty funny!

And testing our finished project. They were so delicious. You should all be jealous. They are so yummy and so rich! Just to note, I had forgotten the chocolate on my face.


Liberty Williams said...

What a mess of chocolate I'm sure you are used to it. How many photo's do you have of you with chocolate covering your face? Love the one picture of you sticking your tounge out. Nice! By the way where was my truffle you were going to bring me? Did you get that recipe from me, who got it from Anisa's friend???

Lucashell said...

Those look yummy...

Brenda said...

Elder Wilson and Michael said "It looks just like you ......Always covered in Chocolate!!" :)