Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm bored!

I've decided that some of the best times to post blogs are when you are supposed to be doing homework, but because you have been doing homework for the past three to four hours your brain is beginning to wander off or if you are like me you just try to avoid doing your homework for as long as possible. Like right now I should be working on a five to six page paper for my Literature and Culture class, but instead I have been commenting on everyone's blogs or writing down a post about nothing. I also decided that you should all go check out my new blog Read them and Weep there is a link to your right so just click it and take a quick look, leave a comment if you like. I would love to hear what you think of my poetry. I did just publish a new poem on it so you should definitely go check it out.
I feel like I should at least say something useful in this blog. I have gotten another interview that is scheduled for Friday, so everyone pray for me! ;) Let's see what else could I say? I guess that is it I really should get back to writing my exciting five page paper! Now go check out my other blog I would love you all forever!

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Lucashell said...

Sometimes I wish I could say I am bored!