Sunday, December 14, 2008

Funny story!

So I thought some people would find this funny, I did. So yesterday (Saturday) it snowed and rained in Ivins!! I was supposed to work at Tuacahn but they cancelled because the stairs and stage were slippery so I came home early. About 8:00 I head over to my friend Kim's house to help her make a gingerbread house. I get myself all bundled up with my warmest jacket, gloves, scarf, and beanie. Along with the rain and snow was wind. So I walk out the back door and the wind is blowing turns out my scarf got caught in the door and I started to walk down the ramp which was covered in pretty much ice. So my scarf was caught in the door, pulled me back and I totally slipped. Luckily we had the wood ramp there, (some people in our ward made the ramp for my dad after he had his hip replaced and we just haven't moved it) anyway so I landed on my butt and back on this ramp instead of the hard cement. It reminded me of movies when you see that kind of thing happen to people. When I fell my mom was in the kitchen and after I landed I yelled "OUCH!!" and my mom without getting up says "Jessie are you okay?" She didn't care to get up. I got up and came inside and said "Yeah mom I'm fine I just fell on my butt!" She said "I saw something in the door and then it pulled out really fast." I said "Yep that was my scarf, it got stuck in the door!" Anyway so I fell on my butt and probably have a bruise now, but it was so funny, I kind of wish someone would have seen it.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

You're funny, Jessie! I"m glad you weren't hurt.

Once I got stuck in my car in a terribly silly way. It was snowing HARD, I was late for school, and dropping Jordan off at the baby sitter. When I got out to take him into the baby sitter's house, I accidentally shut my door on the seat belt, so it wouldn't open again. When I came back out to the car, I had to get in the passenger side. But, pulling away from the curb, I slid right back into the gutter - which trapped the passenger door shut. So I was stuck, until I figured a way to climb out the hatchback. Totally missed my class.


Anonymous said...

I wish I would've seen this happen. Too bad there wasn't a hidden camera or something! I am so deathly afraid of tripping and falling that I just don't have any funny stories like that....And I'm guessing you will definitely be very sore for a few days.

Liberty Williams said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh - I totally wish I could've seen that - however you know I would have been laughing so hard that I wouldn't have been much help to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jess--Emily just had me pull up your blog and had me read your back door/ramp, fall/accident/near decapitation and your loving sister's comment and we laughed so hard, my side hurt and I could hardly breathe. I've seen you fly through your house like a whirling dervish, so many times,and I've often wondered how you do that without killing yourself.

I truly hope you're okay. But your description of it created the best visual image. You can be a writer! Thanks for the fun!!

Slow down, okay?

Not Steve said...

been there-done that