Friday, October 24, 2008

Road Trip to Moab!!!

So this last weekend Libby and I went on a road trip to Moab. Why Moab you ask? Libby and Shellie ran the other half marathon on Sunday and I went to support them and because I had never been to Moab and some of the National Parks along the way. So Friday morning we started later than we planned thanks to Libby who decided to sleep in, even though she doesn't work or go to school. So we got on the road about ten in the morning and headed up Cedar Breaks. Then we headed up highway 89 then headed east to Bryce Canyon National Park.
We spent a few hours driving and hiking through Bryce Canyon then we went and ate and wandered around Ruby's Inn and the little town of Bryce Canyon. Where I was in fact held in prison by the Duke. Then we continued on to Capital Reef National Park. The campground was full so we ended up camping in a RV Park in Torrey, where me and Libby watched Uncle Buck. The next morning we headed again to Capital Reef where we went on a scenic drive and a three mile hike, which wasn't all that exciting.

One good thing about going to Capital Reef is that I was finally able to get a stamp in my passport!!! I didn't know this but if you ever go to a National Park you can get a stamp in your passport, and since I was so desperate to get a stamp in my passport I did! After Capital Reef we headed up to Arches National Park. Let me say this now the drive from Capital Reef to Arches is the longest, ugliest, most boring drag of land in Utah!!! When we finally got to Arches National Park it was so awesome. Arches is an amazing piece of Utah. There are so many arches and it is a huge park.

It was a blast and now I can say that I've been to Moab. My next adventure I want to go to the four corners and to the Grand Canyon. Hopefully I will be able to go on a cruise next March with Libby, or maybe it will be May, we will just have to wait and see. Even though it was a long drive to Moab, if you want a scenic view of Utah I would definitely recommend going the way Libby and I went. Utah really is beautiful, even with all the red dirt.


Doty Family said...

It's so pretty, huh? I love Ruby's. Did you know I worked there the summer after I graduated. It's a fun little place. I'm glad you were able to go and have a good time.

Anisa said...

Gotta love Utah Red dirt!!!

Liberty Williams said...

I'm glad you got your passport stamped...Just be patient and in time you'll get more stamps from the world that you travel. And just remember you have done more traveling then what I had done at age 20ish. Thanks for going to Moab with me!!!

Lucashell said...

Thanks for coming and supporting me and Libby!!! It was so much fun.. 5k Salt Lake Jessie get ready!!

Anonymous said...

I've still never been to Moab or Arches. I guess I can't say I'm really from Utah, then, can I? Did you see where that big arch fell recently?