Friday, June 20, 2008

Working the box office again!!!

So guess what!! I'm working at Tuacahn Center of the Arts again this summer. I started last week. I am in the box office once again and love the people I am working with. This summer the plays that we have going are Les Miserables, Sound of Music, and Big River. I am very excited to be able to go and watch the plays. I just wanted to brag about how I'll get to see all the plays a few times, and let everyone know how much I am enjoying working in the box office again this summer!!


Liberty Williams said...

Don't you get free tickets for other people too? If I were in Utah I would make you take me to a play for free.

Logan and Sydney said...

I would love to work there but it would eat up all my profits to drive over from east St. George!

Jessie said...

I know I love the fact that it is so close to home. I'm trying to get some vouchers so that people can come.

Lucashell said...

How fun, I want to go to a play one of these days.