Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!!

So I've been kind of busy the last few weeks and have not been able to get to a computer that had the internet, so I apolagize for the delay. Christmas was great. I got a digital camera so will be able to put pictures on my blog more often. That was the biggest thing I got. I also got a lot of gift cards and I got a cardboard cut out of Legolas from my cousin Ethan and his wife Libby. Which made me laugh really hard. It is also kind of creepy. It took me a while to find a place for it so it was just standing in the middle of my room so whenever someone would walk into my room there he was just staring at you. It scared Cash really bad when he went into my room. After Christmas Libby and I granny-sat Grandma for a few days so that Mom and Dad could have a little vacation. I'm never going to have Libby help me again. The whole week she complained about everything. It took like an hour, and a lot of persuasion, to convince Libby to empty Grandma's pot. And I got an earfull each time. When my parents got back I went and stayed the weekend at Cash's house and we watched the whole first season of Dr. Quinn medicine Woman. I had a great time other than Libby bossing me around. Next time I go to stay with Cash I'll make sure Libby's not there. Other than that I had a wonderful break and am not looking forward to the new semester. I hope everyone has a great 2008!!!
Libby I really do love you, you can just be very obnoxious sometimes!!!


Liberty Williams said...

OH MY GOSH!!! People - not only am I bossy, but I'm picky too! And ornery!!! Well what else can you all say about me! Jessie, I'm glad you finally got a digital camera - it's about freaking time! I will expect to see more photos!

Anonymous said...

Ethan and I love to see your sibling rivalry. We call it healthy family relationships. Seriously. Libby, you are also perky.

We're glad Legolas is creepy.

Lucashell said...

I love that pic. I thought Orlando Bloom was so freaking hot in Lord of the Rings. I always thought he looked like Link from Zelda

The York's said...

Jessie its always fun when you come up and stay come up more often!