Friday, November 16, 2007

New Talents!!

So over the past couple of weeks I have discovered a couple of funny talents I have. They are all little talents that won't really get me anywhere in life, but I think that they are funny. Also, this is why I wanted to do a talent show at Thanksgiving, so that I could show off my talents but I can do that anyway. So my new discovered talents are saying the alphabet backwards pretty fast, which Papa could do so it makes my talent to do it so much better, and I have a really good wink. I can wink without flinching. I also can do tricks with my tongue but I've known about that talent for a while. So I just wanted to brag about my newly discovered talents, and maybe I will show them off at Thanksgiving anyway.


Ron & Debbie said...

We hope so!!!!

Lucashell said...

maybe you should tell boys about your tounge talent as a come on line.


Liberty Williams said...

So I want to hear this alpahabet at Thanksgiving then!!!